3D Art Intern – Wargaming Forge Prague

Preferable onsite
Paid internship
18. 1. 2021

Popis pozice

What will you learn?

You’ll learn what it means to be a 3D Artist in the game industry. You’ll go through the entire pipeline of asset creation multiple times, learning different techniques and approaches along the way. You’ll learn how to perform proper high-poly sculpting and how to bake normal maps. You’ll learn more complex approaches to modeling and texturing, including trim textures and blend textures. You’ll learn the specifics of proper modeling and texturing for a better LOD. You’ll practice photogrammetry using stand-alone assets and tileable materials. And much more!

The first part of the training will be the same for everyone, while the second part will focus on either environments or hard surfaces.

The Environment specialization involves learning about the processes of creating various 3D content that can be seen in the video game world, from porches and pits to buildings and epic structures. You’ll learn how to work with blend materials, trims, and decals.

The Hard Surface specialization gives you the chance to learn how to work with references to create accurate and precise historically-realistic objects. You’ll work with large, detailed objects while optimizing your model and approaches to achieve a high-quality result.


Skills you already have: 

  • You know modelling and mapping basics in Maya
  • You know Zbrush interface (and it isn’t very scary anymore!)
  • You know Substance painter/ Photoshop at least on basic level
  • English on communication level

What additional skills will help you stand out? 

  • Basic knowledge of Substance Designer
  • Fine arts fundamentals



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